Lord Ganesha



I am Lord Ganesha and I have been waiting in delight for this Channel to really hear me in this life. In past lives, she has communicated deeply with me and will soon remember more and more of the relationship we share. This being has a tendency to be a bit in denial when we, as her guides, tell her that she needs to stretch and awaken to a new way of Spiritual growth. But after a few days of absorbing and adjustment, she usually jumps right in. So, today I, Lord Ganesha, will speak to you of your gifts that have remained hidden for many millennia. You, Dear Readers, know oh so much more than you really give yourselves credit for. Each and everyone of you has a talent, a special gift that is directly related to being in touch with the Source of your very beings within. The God of your Universe and is the same that God that I use in my daily life too. You see, we, the Ascended Beings http://www.letitia-of-lemuria.com/#!lord-ganesha/ce41



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