You must learn how to receive, in order to learn to give. Open yourself up to the spiritual practice of being an open vessel for Prosperity to flow through. Prosperity isn’t always money; It stands for Love, Peace, Joy and Harmony too. Wouldn’t you like to learn the gift of manifesting prosperity for you and your family? You must first Love your life with a passion. As you learn to love your life and bless all the moments you experience, both “Good” and “Bad” (Because Spirit doesn’t define the difference between the two, you do), life will begin to Flow for you and life will bring you Prosperity in bundles of joy. So, would you rather work on negative manifesting? Or, just as easily, Manifest the positive. It means removing old patterns of lack and replacing them with beautiful thoughts of manifesting all the good that you so richly deserve, for it is the will of the Father for us to “Live Long and Prosper.” Become a receiver of good and light for the world and Spirit will shine upon you. A beautiful Mantra that I was given by a friend is “We have Infinite Abundance And All Our Needs Are Met.” So, Go forth each day and shine, for Spirit is great for you and yours. In Love and Light, Letitia of LemuriaImage


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