Embrace yourselves brothers and sisters. Know that we

Embrace yourselves brothers and sisters. Know that we are all part of all the good there is in the world. For within we all share the strength and grace of our Creator within. It is good to remind yourself often that the Creator is the source of the life within you and that you are His beautiful expressions of life. Make the most of this wonderful gift of life and cultivate within you the true joy of living. Feel the physical healing that you may need as you turn within and know this. The Creator’s life flows into every atom and function of your body and does not overlook any part. This is the point….He Doesn’t overlook any part! So, when you ask for a healing of any kind from the source, do not doubt, because how could the miracle that is you not be healed if connected to the source. Carry your heads high and fill your vessel with joy. We are at the brink of dynamic events for humanity. Start on the path today, because tomorrow will be beyond description for many.

One of the ways to cultivate that perfect communication with the Spirit within is by Meditation. Meditation is a way to the Peaceful Spot within that you can touch the source, that part of you that is connected to all and the Oneness of God. So many give up on their attempts at meditation because they just can’t seem to touch that still small place. Note, Perseverance is KEY! There may be an interval before there is an inner response. However, during this waiting period, movement and expansion of the soul to a higher level of awareness is taking place. Trust in Spirit to contact you in a bold and clear way. And when it does, welcome Spirit into your heart. Spirit will guide you in your consciousness the ideas, the beautiful thought forms from the mind and the heart of the Creator that have never been externalized before by another person because they are specific and special for you. These thoughts will assist you in embracing and becoming the consciousness of Divine Love within you. Never underestimate the messages that you receive. Meditation will lead you to the heart that carries all the messages and secrets of the Universe. And So It Is. In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria


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