Your Guides


Have you ever considered what it means to talk to your GUIDES and Guardian Angels? Okay, Guardian Angels is pretty self explanatory for most of us, so I will go into that another day. GUIDES are chosen with your agreement when you set paths and goals, (the Blueprint, so to say,) for your life before BEing born physically. These GUIDES can also be of different energy and form than a person/bodied BEing. I am very lucky that I was raised with the FACT that I had GUIDES.  BUT, did you know that it wasn’t until recently that I KNEW that I had to ask for their help? Specifically ask. That is what there are here in your life to do. they are HELPERS and it is their own divine path to grow for their own spiritual expanding, by helping you.  They have told me that they are not elevated above us, but they are WITH us to grow and learn. When you choose GUIDES, they may not have been chosen for just this life to help you from the other side of the curtain, but they may have been there for you in all your carnations. (Notice I said, Carnations? Another note to come back to at a later date.) I was raised with three main GUIDES and then 22 other supportive GUIDES. My father told me at an early age, that we all have 25 GUIDES when we are here on earth. One of my main GUIDES is an Indian and I named him SHOZ. He will make himself known to me by a buzzing sound in one of my ears. ( Note, Some will say that is an Alien doing that for mind control. Not my Shoz…we spoke about and I consented for him to Tune me as needed.) He wants me to acknowledge him and then he works on his healing of me as soon as I do. One of my guides is Ancient Lemurian and he can be a stern task master. But I am grateful, because he is there to teach me to APPLY myself. Now, I lead into the part of GUIDES that some of you may not have been told, or recognize. Did you know that I have a Waterfall as a GUIDE? She is there to teach and remind me to stay in the FLOW. Yes, you will hear many spiritual teachers talk about the FLOW, especially right now in our evolution. We need to know about STAYING IN THE NOW! PLEASE NOTE THIS: When you Stay in the NOW, you acknowledge the gift of being in the PHYSICALITY THAT YOU CHOSE in this life.  YES, you CHOSE to be in the physical, as you chose your GUIDES.  So I BLESS my Waterfall GUIDE for what she reminds me of and teaches me about. THE FLOW…YES, we are to ASCEND, but we need to do that by BEing in the physical. I also have Animal GUIDES and others, but I think that just telling you about the few I have, will help you to understand and maybe to MEDITATE and PRAY that your own GUIDES make themselves known to you. Until later.  In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria




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