Meditation on Abundance I had

I am Letitia from Lemuria of ancient times.  I have just become more and more aware of my life then and what my lesson is in this life too.  This all with thanks to other beautiful and loving channels that have reached out to help and to my own Guideds/Guardian Angels and Ancestors.

The other day I asked to go into deep meditation to visit Telos and to meet a true and dear family member.  I did and her name is Nya and we had a very special visit together.  She expanded on the roles that I knew already knew that I had in Telos when I visit during dream time.  Whimsical me loves skipping around town passing out roses of love to all I see.  I wanted to know about the animals this visit and so she took me to their level.  Usually, I am immediately attracted to the Horses/Unicorns/and Pegasus, but this time I was reunited with an old friend named Nidle.  This astonishment of running pell mell through the pasture with this animal was a miracle to me because Nidle was none other than a Saber Tooth Tiger!  We even went for a ride with me on his back! What fun that was! We have a very deep connection together as we have played and walked many life times together here.  I am so in love with him.  After we visited my furred friends, I found myself all of the sudden in the presence of Mikos.  What a beautiful friend he is to me and we spoke quietly at length about humans above and prosperity and how humans above have limited themselves to much in their dreams for prosperity.  Because of the world as it is today, Prosperity doesn’t stand for Gold/Platinum/ or things, it is the abundance in your heart that life and love make the agent to un-limit you to your abundance of prosperity and its true meaning.  It is the abundance of love and life of joy that is your true prosperity. The Heart is the Center of your Human Experience.  This is your Abundance. Remove the logic from the world and live from the heart.  All things are possible because ALL ARE ONE! SO is the magical atmosphere of love surrounding us and asking us just to name it in our joy!

He is mighty within me to heal and prosper.  I choose to cast off my 3 dimensional world and walk into the spirit of Love and its many splendor-ed Dimensions. He Healed me of my diseases and removes all fear from me.  My God within is now healing me of all sickness and pain and is bringing comfort to my soul.  God is my life and I trust his incarnation here from  when all of us as first Lemurians came all those many years ago.  I rejoice in this life within me and KNOW that all my supply comes from him and the universe that I create around me in my everyday life. 

As I Declare ABUNDANCE IS MINE….I Realize that as ALL ARE ONE…I am declaring ABUNDANCE FOR YOU AND YOURS TOO! And through knowing what we can do for one another, and live the abundant lives that are our divine right, we will become ever closer to being the truly 5th Dimensional BEings that we are meant to be.  In Love and Light, Letitia

This is a post I did about a year ago and wanted to share it again.


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