Abundance is now. Have you ever listened to the sound of laughter from a small child and it just made your day? This is the melodious sound that I can hear now in the room behind me right now. You see, my 7 year old daughter has had her share of bullies and manipulative children these past few weeks. I home school, but I have always felt confident in our daughter’s social skills…And a week ago, I had to basically ban a few children that were mean and martyrs from coming around our place any more. Our daughter, Haley and I pray and forgive them for they really know not what they are creating for their own lives, but Haley’s life is so much less complicated without them. And so, we (as a family), prayed for a beautiful and loving hearted little girl to come into Haley’s life to play with that had like minded values and likes in what they enjoy doing. Low and behold, not 3 days after my husband, Haley and I started to pray and visualize such a sweet gal…SHE appeared and only lives 3 houses down! Blessings do happen and the power of prayer is being proven to me more and more everyday when we apply ourselves. BELIEVE in the SUBSTANCE OF THE UNIVERSE and SEE IT IN your VISION. FEEL IT…And IT WILL appear. ALWAYS KNOW that you DESERVE to be blessed and if it is one thing that I have learned in all of this. BECOME like a CHILD again and TRUST.
ABUNDANCE can mean many different things to people, but I just learned that it can also mean different things on different days too. I hope you enjoy this, In Love and Light, Letitia of Lemuria


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